Our Financial Life

Financially, First Church is entirely self-supporting. Without the generous gifts of everyone who participates in our community, we could not have the thriving life we now enjoy. Good stewardship involves financial support of the church. This support comes in many forms, for example --

Annual pledging -- The pledge is our yearly commitment to support the church by donating a prayerfully-discerned percentage of our annual income. Pledging is the basic building block of financial stewardship at First Church.

Special gifts and offerings -- Every year we invite special gifts for special occasions such as a youth mission trip, or a gift the church wishes to make to an external project in collaboration with another group or church.

Planned giving, bequests -- First Church has been the beneficiary of many generous gifts of the past. Each generation has a responsibility to the next. Therefore, we encourage all our members and friends to leave gifts to the church in their wills. This kind of giving extends our good stewardship far into the future. If you would like to include First Church in your will and need some guidance about this matter, please speak to the Chairperson of the Stewardship Committee, the church's Treasurer or one of the ministers.

What we have received, we invest in our mission and ministry. Our first commitment is to allocate 10% of our operating income for mission beyond our local congregation. Just over half of this goes to mission through our denomination, the United Church of Christ. The remainder is allocated to various community missions.

The remaining 90% funds our worship, music and spiritual life. In recent years, we have been reviewing our financial history and developing a financial vision that has put us on a path toward financially sustainability, with a goal of fully funding our operating and capital expenditures each year.



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