Kids4Peace Interfaith Camp

Kids4Peace Boston educates and inspires Jewish, Christian, and Muslim youth to become interfaith peace leaders.  We create a diverse community of youth, ages 12-18, who develop the skills to work towards justice and peace and to promote interfaith understanding.

Through summer overnight camps and programs, participants develop a global perspective on peace through interactions with Muslim, Jewish, and Christian peers from the Jerusalem area and the West Bank and learn how faith can nurture peace and understanding.  During monthly school-year activities, participants gain and practice leadership, communication, and peacebuilding skills; develop global and local insights on peace and justice; build an appreciation for the faiths of others; and have fun together.

Kids4Peace Boston holds an annual Interfaith Leadership Conference and visits youth groups throughout the Boston area to teach about Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.  Several First Church youth are active in our middle and high school programs.

Peggy Stevens

Share sandwiches and fruit drinks with persons experiencing homelessness on the first Saturday of each month. Gather at First Church at 4 PM and join a group heading out to Harvard and Central Squares. To join, please contact David Kidder at...

Please consider signing the Jobs Not Jails perition found here.   Our Commonwealth should make funding jobs, not $2 billion more for jails. First Church joins Old South Church, the 10 Point Coalition, and Roxbury Presbyterian in collecting...

An Act Providing Housing and Support Services for Unaccompanied Homeless Youth. The Mass Conference of the UCC supports the bill. Call Alice Kidder at (617) 276-6227 for information.