Covenant Dinners

In 2011, our Stewardship committee initiated a series of Covenant Dinners in the belief that breaking bread together in small groups would enhance our covenantal relationships and give us a chance to both meet new friends and renew acquaintances with those we don’t see often enough. In 2012, over 150 people participated in over 20 potluck meals in the homes of First Church members and friends. Dinners on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day were also offered and well attended.

Covenant Dinners will resume in fall 2013; check back here to sign up online to host or attend a gathering.

Beth Loomis

Did you know that the benefits of the Elderly, Disabled and Children’s Program (EAEDC) haven’t increased since 1988? The MA Coalition for the Homeless is gearing up for a campaign to increase monthly grants for program recipients from $303.70 to...

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Your help is needed as a volunteer for the First Church Shelter - for one time or many. Please contact Jim Stewart, Shelter Director, at 661-1873.