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2012 Sermons

Date Speaker Title
Dec 30 2012 Rev. Karen McArthur In Wisdom and In Years
Dec 2 2012 Rev. Karen McArthur The Strength to Escape
Nov 25 2012 Rev. Terry McKinney The Kingdom Come
Nov 11 2012 Rev. Reebee Girash Intersection
Nov 4 2012 Rev. Reebee Girash Who are the Saints?
Oct 21 2012 Rev. Reebee Girash James and John and Jesus in 2012
Oct 7 2012 Rev. Reebee Girash Jesus + Food = Miracle
Sep 30 2012 Rev. Dan Smith Be Lovely
Sep 23 2012 Rev. Dan Smith The Last Will Be First
Sep 16 2012 Rev. Reebee Girash Words Have Power
Sep 9 2012 Rev. Dan Smith No Ordinary Time
Aug 5 2012 Rev. Dan Smith Testing the Mettle
Jul 29 2012 Rev. Dan Smith Where is Your God?”
Jul 22 2012 Rev. Karen McArthur The Chalice of our Being
Jul 15 2012 Rev. Terry McKinney What are the Essentials?
Jul 8 2012 Rev. Dan Smith More than Enough Contempt
Jul 1 2012 Rev. Karen McArthur Generative Forces
Jun 17 2012 Rev. Ken Ziebell Choose Life!
Jun 3 2012 Ellen Rohan Ball Called to More
May 27 2012 Rev. Dan Smith The Four Elements
May 20 2012 Terry McKinney Imagine
May 13 2012 Rev. Dan Smith Spiritual Friendship
May 6 2012 Rev. Dan Smith Feeding 5000 Men
Apr 29 2012 Terry McKinney The Lord is my Shepherd. I am the Good Shepherd.
Apr 22 2012 Rev. Kate Layzer Have We Met?
Apr 15 2012 Rev. Dan Smith S.O.S
Apr 8 2012 Rev. Dan Smith Last Words First
Apr 1 2012 Rev. Dan Smith On the Road Together
Mar 25 2012 Rev. Karen McArthur There's a Code for That
Mar 18 2012 Rev. Dan Smith Sir Duke
Mar 11 2012 Rev. Dan Smith Spring Cleaning
Mar 4 2012 Rev. Wendy Vander Hart The New Normal
Feb 26 2012 Rev. Dan Smith Goodtime Jesus
Feb 19 2012 Terry McKinney Jesus Always Chooses
Feb 12 2012 Rev. Dan Smith Sounds Like Greek to Me
Feb 5 2012 Carolyn Thompson M.Div Lifted Up for Service
Jan 29 2012 Rev. Dan Smith Doxology
Jan 22 2012 Rev. Dr. Ute Molitor A Way of Being/The Taste of Peace
Jan 15 2012 Rev. Dan Smith Unity
Jan 8 2012 Rev. Karen McArthur & Terry McKinney Receiving the Holy Spirit
Jan 1 2012 Jaime Bonney Climb into the Present

The First Church Shelter, located in the  basement of our church building, co-funded by First Church in Cambridge and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, has served dinner to fourteen guests every night for the last thirty years. The vast majority...

Volunteer signups are underway for the Friday Café! The Friday Café is a weekly community gathering space, where neighbors experiencing homelessness and food insecurity can relax and eat. It’s also a place of encounter, where people can get to...