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Being Church in a Pandemic

These past months have brought home to all of us the vital importance of working together to slow and limit the spread of Coronavirus. We know we are called to be a community of faith, not fear. We also know we are called to care for the most vulnerable in our midst, to be good stewards of our staff and resources, and to be good citizens of the wider community.

Under normal circumstances, people of faith would care for each other by drawing close together. It’s what we do. It’s who we are. In times of loss or threat, we respond by coming together to pray and to sing, to hug and hold each other tight. Pandemics are different. During an outbreak such as the one we are facing now, we are called to care for each other by moving farther apart, creating a holy buffer of social distance. We do this not only for our own safety and the safety of the people around us, but in loving stewardship to our wider world.

We are continuing to be the church in this time of physical separation, offering all of our usual programing for Children and Youth, Adults, and weekly Sunday Morning worship online.