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Most Recent Faith and Life Groups

BRAIDING SWEETGRASS BOOK GROUP Braiding Sweetgrass is a moving work that  weaves together ecology and indigenous knowledge to provide a model of what it might look  like to live in this balance, an ecological balance that has been disrupted by colonization of the  land. As a First Church group we will consider the imperative to restore right relationship with  the earth and how this relationship is dependent on living out right relationships among  humans.

FIRST CHURCH WOMEN’S READING GROUP Please join our FCC Women’s Reading  Group as we discuss books grounded in faith and spiritual growth. Books of various genres (fiction, informational, poetry, etc.) will be selected, and we plan to meet every 4-6 weeks.  The first two book discussions will be led by Alex Steinert-Evoy and Susan Reynolds; thereafter,  participants will be invited to recommend books and moderate meetings. We will share titles of  books as they are selected. Sign up to be part of our group, whether you plan to read all or only  some of the books selected!

FEELING NEWER TO CONVERSATIONS ABOUT RACE? In the first two sessions, we will  discuss some short chapters from the book So You Want to Talk About Race? by Ijeoma Oluo. In  the third session, we will relate these questions to the racial justice work at First Church. Some  of the questions we will explore include: Is it really about race (or is it also about class, ethnicity,  or being an immigrant?) What if I talk about race wrong? What are micro-aggressions and how  do I avoid them? Why has racial justice and anti-racism become a major focus at First Church?  What are the church’s plans going forward? How can I learn more?

REPARATIONS ACCOUNTABILITY GROUP Join as we continue to explore a practice of  reparations for our individual and communal lives. We’ll share experiences with reparations  with to date motivations, promote interracial relationship-building as a precursor for  reparations, foster accountability, and discuss the Biblical and theological bases for reparations. All are welcome to this drop-in, whether you are just starting to wonder about reparations or  are already involved in an individual or collective practice. New members welcome!

RELATIONAL GOD: PROCESS/RELATIONAL THEOLOGY & ITS IMPLICATIONS FOR TODAY  The ancient Hebrews of Genesis and Exodus understood God as relational. Jesus was all about  relationships. But some types of Christian theology moved away from a relational view and  toward God as non-temporal (eternal), unchanging (immutable), and unaffected by the world  (impassible). Process/Relational Theology (PRT), with origins in the early 20th century, attempts  to bring us back to a more relational and dynamic understanding of God. In these sessions, we  will start with the basics of PRT, drawing on prominent 20th century theologians, then explore  the implications of this theology for how we relate to God and all of creation. What does prayer  look like from a PRT viewpoint? How does PRT suggest we approach the climate crisis? What  does PRT say about racial justice? What can we say about miracles? Prepare to have your mind  expanded as we put theology to work in this troubled modern world!

STAMPED: THE REMIX—INTERGENERATIONAL FORMATION ON RACE We will read and  discuss this book, which authors Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi call a “remix” of Kendi’s  original book, Stamped From the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America.  This “remix” is for youth readers, but there is a lot in here to discuss and reflect upon for  persons of any age! Jaz Buchanan and the 7th & 8th graders at FCC will be reading this book as  well, as part of their Faith & Social Justice class, and the culmination of our gathering will be to  meet together, youth and adults, to discuss the final section, an opportunity for true  multi-generational study!

GENEALOGY: FINDING OUR FAMILY HISTORIES Interested in genealogy? Just starting  on your family tree? Or have you been working on it for years? We can gain an understanding  of our history through the lens of our own families. We’ll look at immigration, migration, race,  religion and economics, and anything else that people are interested in exploring. The group will  start out by gathering bi-weekly three times this fall, and then decide from there how and when  people would like to connect as we explore our family stories.

DANCING WITH GOD IN BODY AND SPIRIT Before I found a home in Christianity, dance  had always been my connection to all that is divine. Together we will explore how we can use  movement and dance to rejuvenate our bodies, our souls and reground ourselves in the  presence of God. If you like moving and grooving, off beat and/or on beat, swaying, reaching  into the sky, this faith and life group is for you.