Covenant Dinners


In 2011, our Stewardship Committee initiated a series of Covenant Friendship meals in the belief that breaking bread together (or sharing salad or pizza or chicken caserole) in small groups would enrich our mutual covenant and give us a chance to make new friends and deepen our friendship with those we may see every Sunday.

Covenant Friendship meals are informal and fun and usually mostly potluck, and we aim for about one meal a month.

If you would like to host a meal in your home (nothing required but chairs and utensils!), for any number of guests and any day and time, contact information is below.  If you’d like to be a guest, inquire below to find out about the next Covenant Friendship meal.

Hilary Hopkins

Call in to your state legislature to support the Safe Communities Act. For information on this issue contact Dave Kidder at

To address institutional racism, please call your state representative and Senator, and ask for abolishment of mandatory minimums in sentencing. Ask them to contact the Joint Committee dealing with this legislation. For more background on this...