Make A Capital Campaign Pledge

Make a Capital Campaign Pledge

You can make your Capital Campaign Pledge online. This link allows you to indicate the amount of your three-year Capital Campaign pledge, and then either:

1) Set up recurring payments quarterly, monthly, or weekly,

2) Or -- indicate that you'll pay later by cash, check or online.

If you already have a username and password, or wish to establish one, then you will be able to save your banking information, and will have access to your payment history.

Note the distinction between a "pledge" -- the amount you intend to contribute -- and "payments" - the actual payments toward your pledge.

Also note that when you first enter your pledge amount, you should enter the full amount to be paid over three years.  When you choose an option -- one-time, quarterly, monthly or weekly -- you will then see the total amount divided into the number of payments remaining between now and December 31, 2018.   If you wish to pay annually, enter the full amount of your three-year pledge and choose "Pay later" at the bottom.  Similarly, if you wish to pay an amount now, and then divide the rest among regular online payments, enter the full pledge amount and choose "Pay Later."  Then click on "give" at the top of the page and set up a one-time payment and also set up a recurring payment.  You may change, extend, or shorten your pledge at any time by contacting Karen McArthur.

If you wish only to indicate your pledge amount at this time, enter the amount, choose "annual" and "pay later." You may then make payments by check or online as you wish.

Make a Capital Campaign Pledge

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Please pray for the victims and their families who were terrorized at the Chabad of Poway Synagogue in California.

Please attend the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO) Healthcare Assembly on May 29 from 7 until pm. The location is TBD, and will be announced soon.

To address institutional racism, please call your state representative and Senator, and ask for abolishment of mandatory minimums in sentencing. Ask them to contact the Joint Committee dealing with this legislation. For more background on this...