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Church Finances

OUr 2020 Financial Report

Please explore our 2020 Financial Report for a review of our financial life together in 2020.


Our primary source of income is contributions from our members and friends. You can find more information by viewing our 2021 Summary Budget and Detailed Budget. The budget was reviewed Sunday, November 1, 2020. Excerpts from the zoom recording are available. The 2021 budget was approved November 22, 2020.

Pie Chart showing 2021 Expenses: Deacons & Ministry: $240,805. Christian Formation: $10,400. Buildings & Grounds: $296,189. Arts & Communications: $17,098. Administration: $103,179. UCC/Missions/Social Justice: $92,495. Transfers: $101,707. Music: $52,220. General Staff Expenses: $31,709. Finance: $58,693. Fellowship: $8,250.

Pie chart: 2021 Sources of Income. Contributions: $608,000. Donations for Property Use: $133,750. Transfer from Invested Funds: $143,000.

For more about how we steward our resources explore our Stewardship pages.