Financial Stewardship & Giving

2023 Year-End Information from Stewardship & Finance

Gathering together is the heart of our Christian community. Our people, place, and programs depend on the generosity of everyone who chooses to belong in this community. God has given us great riches of faith and hope to share with each other and the world, and a splendid heritage to pass on to our children. We respond by being good stewards of these gifts, giving of ourselves in diverse ways.


Annual Pledging

Each November, we ask our members and friends to pledge to contribute financially to our common mission and ministry and to pledge their time and involvement in our various ministries. Ten percent of our annual income is tithed to Missions & Social Justice through local and global projects and through our denomination, the United Church of Christ.


Capital Fund

In 2015, we embarked on a three-year Capital Campaign, For Such a Time as This, to raise funds for a renovation of our common spaces, strengthening and expanding our ministries of hospitality and community outreach. We added a commercial-grade kitchen, added four accessible, gender-neutral bathrooms, and transformed our common gathering spaces. Consistent with our commitment to tithing our income, 10% of the Capital Campaign funds raised were disbursed as grants to community organizations.

In 2016, the congregation voted to take out a 15-year loan to ensure we could complete the full renovation plan, with the understanding that we would hold another campaign to retire this debt at a late date. That time has now arrived!

debt retirement appeal: REad updates and respond with a pledge

Contribute to the Capital Fund

Memorial Gifts Fund

The Memorial Gifts Fund was established for the purpose of accepting undesignated memorial gifts to the church. These gifts may be received by bequest or from the family or friends of someone who has died. The Stewardship Committee receives and acts on requests for expenditures, usually for capital, equipment, furnishings, or other such identifiable purposes.


Fifth Century Fund

In 2033, we will celebrate the 400th anniversary of our original gathering. As we look ahead to the challenges and opportunities of our fifth century of ministry, we seek to ensure the financial sustainability and long-term growth of the invested funds that will sustain this beloved community well Into the future. This fund is invested according to our First Church Investment Policy and guided by Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance principles, with the goal of generating a 4% return to be used for annual ministry, as well as sufficient growth to maintain its purchasing power over the years.