man walking out of shelter door
A woman hands a meal to a hungry person

Homeless Ministries

First Church in Cambridge has provided active support to unhoused neighbors for over 35 years, offering shelter, meals, and other essential resources while advocating to address the root causes of homelessness in our city and state.

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Drawn by our vision of a world where all people are valued, have shelter and nourishment, are treated with dignity, and are supported in their quest for self-determination…

The mission of First Church Homeless Ministries is to offer a respectful welcome to persons experiencing homelessness and hunger; to address universal human needs and to provide safe shelter, sustenance, and community; and to raise our collective voices through advocacy about the devastating impact of homelessness, addiction, and persistent poverty.

First Church also offers financial support and congregation participation in several other homelessness efforts, including…

We depend on your generous support to carry out our work! Gifts can be made by text, online, or by check and can support our First Church Homeless Ministries, in general, or be directed to the First Church Shelter or the Friday Café.

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