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Friday Café

The Friday Café, a weekly daytime drop-in program, offers a welcoming space where homeless and housed adults can gather and get to know each other. Serving an average of 150 guests a week (or as many as 300 on winter Fridays), it offers food and coffee, rest and resources to people living on the margins—but most importantly, community. At the Friday Café, people experiencing a wide variety of life circumstances can relax, share a meal, and talk together as friends.

For those whose lives are lived on streets and in shelters, the Friday Café offers a rare oasis of safety and hospitality. It is also a place of encounter, where our rotating crew of 30 weekly volunteers can meet neighbors experiencing hard times. By bringing people together in an informal setting, we create space where fears and misconceptions about homelessness can be transformed into understanding.

During the COVID pandemic, the Friday Café has shifted to an outdoor format, serving meals to go and distributing clothing and other essentials on the church lawn. We look forward to returning indoors as soon as it is safe to do so.

Location: 11 Garden St., Cambridge

Covid Hours: Fridays from 1:00–3:00

Volunteer Shift: Fridays from 12:30–3:30

Contact: Rev. Kate Layzer: kate@thefriday.cafe

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