Organ pipes in the Sanctuary of First Church in Cambridge. A wrought iron chandelier hangs in the foreground.

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Solutions at Work Celebrates Achievements

September 14, 2021

On Wednesday, August 25, a picnic was held on Cambridge Common to celebrate the achievements of Solutions at Work and, most notably, its shelter for the unhoused on Green Street in Cambridge.  In attendance were not only Solutions employees, but occupants of the shelter, Solutions directors and board members, friends who stopped by, the Mayor of Cambridge together with Alanna Mallon (a city council member), plus members of the Cambridge Police who work closely with the shelter and individuals of the unhoused community of Cambridge.

Alice Kidder, one of the Executive Directors of Solutions at Work, and Jim Brown, Solutions Board member, both part of the First Church Missions & Social Justice Committee, were in attendance.  And Sally O’Brien, another member of the First Church Mission Committee, stopped by with her husband Marc.

Word has come through from the Massachusetts’ Department of Housing and Community Development that they will be supporting the shelter and its work at least for the remainder of 2021.

Much to celebrate!