First Church in Cambridge commits to being an anti-racist church. We reject white supremacy and racism in all forms and believe that this work is our call to follow Jesus and exercise faithfulness to God.

We commit to the spiritual practice of fighting racism and transforming our personal, social and professional lives by educating ourselves and speaking out when harm is threatened or done.

We repent of white supremacy culture, anti-Black racism and all forms of racial hierarchy within our church and we strive to uproot them. We are participating in the work of shifting the harmful narrative of race and white supremacy that has too often been reinforced by distorted and destructive political, economic and theological beliefs.

We commit to use, share and relinquish whatever power and privilege we may have to dismantle systemic racism in our wider community by joining the struggle alongside other anti-racist organizations, centering the voices of those who have been traditionally silenced and following the lead of Black and Indigenous people and People of Color.

We commit to loving others and ourselves, by reaffirming the dignity and beauty of all human beings who are created in the loving image of God.

We do this work because the spiritual health and positive transformation of our nation, community, and church depends on it. We do this humbly, with courage, relying on God’s grace and knowing that we cannot do it alone.