Emergency Closings

In Case of Emergency

In case of emergency, decisions about building closing and event cancellations will be made as early as possible by the Senior Minister or Acting Head of Staff. In some cases, a brief time of consultation with church leaders may be required, however, responsibility for making decisions, including the cancellation of worship services, rests with the Senior Minister or Acting Head of Staff. Every effort will be made to alert staff, church members and building users in a timely manner with special sensitivity to the nature of immediately upcoming events. The following policies and procedures will be used to ensure decisions are made and communicated as effectively and efficiently as possible.

• If a Massachusetts and/or Federal State of Emergency is declared all activities are cancelled until further notice. Invitations will be made to tune into emergency broadcasts for information about status changes.

• In case of Cambridge-wide snow or weather related emergency and parking bans, decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

• In all cases of emergency, please use common sense and best judgment when it comes to personal and family safety considerations.

• Sextons on duty will endeavor to take necessary precautions related to building users and to all church buildings and grounds.

• If building is closed, be advised that Shelter staff and guests will continue to have use of the building, perhaps with special, extended hours. However, shelter staff and guests are not responsible for activities, building maintenance, locking or unlocking of doors, etc. outside the shelter itself.