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Sharing our Resources

Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.  — Timothy 6:17

In addition to coordinating our wide-ranging justice initiatives, our Missions and Social Justice Committee also disperses a yearly budget of approximately $80,000 to various social justice ministries within and outside of the United Church of Christ. This is a full 10 percent tithe of our overall church income.

Over $50,000 goes to UCC-related organizations and efforts. These include Our Church’s Wider Mission, the Metropolitan Boston Assocation and Massachusetts Conference UCC Fellowship Dues, UCC education and attendance at UCC meetings and events. We also share our resources with various local non-profit organizations and ministries. We encourage individuals to participate in supporting these partnerships with both funds and volunteer involvement. The list of organizations we have supported in recent years includes:

We use the following criteria to guide us in deciding what organizations and efforts to support:

  1. Related to the UCC: We collect at least two annual UCC offerings, One Great Hour of Sharing and Neighbors in Need. When possible we try to be a “5 for 5” church that supports the five national offerings of the UCC. We support our historic connection with City Mission Society and with Andover Newton.
  2. Faith-based: When giving outside the UCC, we give preference to faith-based, and particularly interfaith, initiatives.
  3. Connection with members of First Church: We give preference to groups in which FCC members are involved as volunteers or staff.
  4. Related to the work of current social justice teams of First Church.

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