Organ pipes in the Sanctuary of First Church in Cambridge. A wrought iron chandelier hangs in the foreground.

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Looking Ahead to Lent

February 15, 2022

This Lent, join us as we explore what it means to hold Jesus at the center of our faith and lives.

  • How might focusing on Jesus’ life and teachings ground and clarify our conversations about how we hold the loneliness, anger, and grief of these times?
  • How might focusing on his story help us to feel more centered, as we come through this pandemic together and as we live and shape our stories?

Each week, we’ll offer a different scripture and related theme of daily living, along with several opportunities for weekly prayer and reflection.

We’ll gather on Sundays and midweek on Wednesdays for contemplative prayer, discussion, worship, and more.

See Lent 2022 at First Church for more details.