Organ pipes in the Sanctuary of First Church in Cambridge. A wrought iron chandelier hangs in the foreground.

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Register for Spring Faith & Life Groups

April 26, 2023

It’s time to sign up for the last round of Faith & Life Groups in this program year! Led by First Church members, Faith & Life Groups are designed to encourage meaningful connections through shared interests, whether exploring a spiritual practice, opening our eyes to the beauty around us, delving into a challenging social issue, or attending to significant life stages (parenting, aging, job transitions, etc.) Faith & Life Groups involve making a short-term commitment (a single session to several weeks, depending on the group) to something that might be delightful, deep, or even transformational. At the same time, you can get to know First Church friends who share your interests.

We need each other now more than ever. If you are looking for a way to dip your toes into the life of our church and stay connected outside of Sunday Worship, this is for you!

Registration Deadline is Sunday, May 14.

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Birding at Mount Auburn Cemetery

We’ll explore the grounds and look for the birds that visit and may nest in this lovely place during Spring migration. Please wear comfortable shoes and bring binoculars, if you have them. Meet at the Mount Auburn Main Gate. No experience necessary!

Dates/Times: Thursdays, May 11 and 18 at 7:00 a.m.
Leader: Marianne Jensen

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Art in Faith

Is seeing believing? How do the arts affect one’s faith? Does one imagine their religion? Questions of doubt and wonder range when art shows in church. View a show of twenty paintings of Jesus Christ on display in Margaret Jewett Hall and participate in an hour-long discussion of the visual and other arts in your faith and life.

Date/Times: Pentecost Sunday, May 28, at 9:30 a.m. or 12:30 p.m.
Leader: Henry Gates

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Reparations: Approaching the Journey with a Beginner’s Mind

If you’re curious about what reparations mean and what possible models are out there for the practice, and/or looking for a place to talk about the many feelings that come to the surface when thinking about taking steps to grapple with the very real spiritual and physical impacts of the practice, this conversation series is for you!  Come with your questions, come with your fears and uncertainties, come with your open hearts to explore this sacred practice of repentance and relinquishment. Using Reparations: A Christian Call for Repentance and Repair by Duke L. Kwon and Gregory Thompson as a resource and a guide, we will explore a basic understanding of reparations, particularly focusing on what it means for us as Christians. We will bring select quotes and concepts to the discussion, so reading the whole book is not a requirement for participation.

Dates/Times: Wednesdays, May 31, June 7 (and maybe 14), 6:30 – 7:30 p.m., via Zoom
Leader: Abby Shuman

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All We Can Save Circle: A Climate Grief Small Group

Are you hungry for deeper dialogue about the climate crisis and building community around solutions? Join us in reading All We Can Save, an anthology of writings by 60 women at the forefront of the climate movement who are harnessing truth, courage, and solutions to lead humanity forward. This group will function as an All We Can Save Circle and will be a facilitated discussion that makes room for processing and discussing climate grief and leadership in community. For more information about the All We Can Save Project and Circles visit:

Dates/Times: TBD based on registrants’ availability
Leader: Lexi Boudreaux

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