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Staffing Transitions Announcement

April 11, 2023

We have sad news and glad news about our staffing plans!

First the sad part. As was announced at our recent Congregational Meetings, our fabulous Transitional Minister’s 2-year term is coming to an end in the coming months. Lexi Boudreaux will be leaving us on August 31, but not before we celebrate the remarkable gifts she has brought these last five years, beginning with her time as a Ministerial Intern and a Pastoral Associate from Harvard Divinity School.  We will have a congregational celebration of her ministry after church on June 18 while we are still gathered, leaving time throughout the summer for further goodbyes.

The glad news is that both Carla Carbajal and Ahmaad Edmund have agreed to stay with us for the 2023-24 program year as half-time Pastoral Associates to share their extraordinary gifts and to help us cover Lexi’s myriad responsibilities. We are grateful that this plan will afford us the time and resources needed to set First Church on a more sustainable financial path as we pursue our goal of calling a full-time minister of color.

We are grateful beyond words to Lexi, Ahmaad, and Carla, and to the rest of our staff and community ministers for their dedication and agility, to our lay leaders, and to our entire faith community for joining us in this ongoing discernment of our still evolving staffing model.