The First Church List

The First Church List is a virtual hub for the First Church community to communicate directly with each other through email messages or online posts on topics of interest. The First Church List is hosted by the platform and you can find us if you have subscribed below by clicking “Your groups” at the top of the page and clicking “First Church Community ListServ” to access the browser hosted version of the email list. You can also find us directly here.

We hope that you will use the First Church List to:

  • Share personal announcements and prayer requests.
  • Publicize events sponsored by outside organizations.
  • Ask questions or ask for help from your church community.
  • Remind each other of church events or volunteer opportunities.

To Subscribe, sign up below:

or, if you prefer email to subscribe. To send a message to the List, email

As you familiarize yourself with the First Church List platform, you’ll be able to filter messages by hashtag (#FCCPrograms, #Prayers, #Justice, #WiderCommunity) and mute topics you do not wish to follow. Whether you’re promoting a fundraiser for a worthy organization, asking for prayers or food pantry donations, reminding us of the upcoming Men’s Breakfast, seeking a walking partner for a stroll around Fresh Pond, or sharing something you’ve read recently that moved you, we hope you’ll post to the First Church List!

Here are a few community guidelines we invite you to follow:

  1. Be kind. Before posting, always think about the community.
  2. Keep postings relevant and brief. Remember, we are all deluged with emails.
  3. Use “Reply” to respond to an individual. Use “Reply All” to respond to everyone.
  4. Use clear subject lines. This will help readers see quickly if your post is relevant to them.
  5. Sign every post with your name. Don’t count on people recognizing your email handle.
  6. Forward with care. Some postings are just for those in the FCC community and should not be forwarded to people who are not on the List. If in doubt, ask permission.
  7. Be respectful. Discussion and debate is welcome, but always write as though you are speaking face to face.
  8. Ask for help. If a post feels like a violation of “netiquette,” discuss your concern privately with the author of the post. If you need help, please contact List Moderator Beth Spaulding or Staff Liaison Lexi Boudreaux.


Beth Spaulding, First Church List Moderator
Lexi Boudreaux, First Church List Staff Liaison

Did you see this slide presentation at our Communications Conversation after worship on March 21? It provides a good overview of the various communications channels at First Church.