Peace & Justice Ministries

Turn away from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.  — Psalm 34:14

We seek peace at First Church, and pursue it, both in our own souls and in our communities.  As we say every Communion Sunday, its “a peace that the world cannot give” and yet we each have our parts in bringing about God’s peace, reconciliation and justice, whether through our witness or preaching, through our organizing or our teaching.

Over the years, First Church has been a strong supporter of mission outreach, a leader in pastoral ministry to victims of natural disasters, poverty, hunger...

This task team was formed because resignation, cynicism and neutrality have no place in the Christian faith. Members share a love of neighbor for both the...

First Church regularly works on peace and justice initiatives with our covenantal partners in our wider church, both through the Massachusetts Conference of...

Join First Church's actions for gun safety. Contact Ann McCann, Chair Witness Against Gun Violence and Inequality at
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Volunteer at First Church Shelter and/or attend the Shelter's Doris Beauvais Lecture and Lunch on October 19, 12:30 PM in Margaret Jewett Hall, First Church.
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Buses are available from Cambridge: Buy a ticket here. Several First Churchers are going. Please join them! Contact John Schultz at for info on environmental actions at First Church.