Spiritual Formation

Lord, I want to be a Christian in my heart, in my heart…
Lord, I want to be more loving in my heart, in my heart…
Lord, I want to be more holy in my heart, in my heart…
Lord, I want to be like Jesus in my heart, in my heart…
                                           — American folk hymn

The early Christians were called People of the Way because they were known to follow the way of Jesus—the way of justice, mercy and radically inclusive love. How can we learn about this way? How can we come to walk in this way so that we can be more loving, holy and like Jesus?

At First Church, Spiritual Formation is about shaping our whole lives—body, mind and spirit—to follow a particular way of living and being in our world. We approach these questions in various and creative ways at each stage of our lives—for children, youth and adults.


First Church Fall Retreat 2013: Revealing Our Life Together

Friday-Sunday, October 4-6, 2013
Craigville Retreat Center
Craigville, Cape Cod

Over 80 members and friends of First Church are gathering this weekend for an all-ages, all-church retreat. The gathering is based on the theme of revealing ourselves - to ourselves and to each other - by finding balance and wholeness through individual and communal spiritual practices. The retreat addresses our dual needs for time alone and time together. It offers practical ideas for patterning our days and weeks, as well as our family, professional, and church life in ways that reflect our faith and covenantal commitment.  

The group on retreat is seeking to identify a “communal way” for our life together, based on work done individually and collectively to recognize how ”our lives are our practice.” Such “ways” are ancient, traditional, and highly counter-cultural - ways of being intentional about our commitments to self, God and others. By God’s grace, a renewed and congregation-wide focus on practicing our faith -- alone and together – may offer a more structured and coherent sense of what it means to live out our covenant in our offerings and programs in the year ahead. 

Take a look at what's happening at the Fall Retreat by downloading the program schedule, found below. 



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