a sign with inspiring words

A Blessing for the Start of the Week

Blessed are the elderly, and the immunosuppressed

Blessed are the fearful, the anxious and irritable

Blessed are the ones who use humor to get by,

the ones who could use a vacation anyway,

the ones who fear for their life

Blessed are the ones who are sick of it: all the flawed logic, the security theater

Blessed are the ones who cry out “this is why we need a safety net!

a kinder society! a new world!”

Blessed are the health care workers,

the administrators catching heat for every decision,

the messengers with no power over the message

Blessed are the sad, and the lonely

Blessed are the healthy and the sick,

the well and the unwell

Blessed are all of us just trying to do our best

Blessed are those who stay kind and clear,

who keep our eyes open to each other

Blessed is our neighbor

Blessed are we all

Blessed are we all

Blessed are we all

From HDS alum, Lee Allison Paczulla