Creating Sanctuary Wherever We are!

As soon as we heard that singing together is considered a high risk activity, we started brainstorming. As someone who views singing as a way we experience God in the world I was eager to find a way to create music together.

As we continue to live through a time when we can’t physically sing together right now we have been working on how to make a way to create music together despite the distance. This is our first trial in an experiment with assembling a virtual choir.

We are actively working to put together an opportunity for us all to take part in a virtual choir project soon. Details will be forthcoming as Peter and I put our heads together to be able to expand this experiment to a larger group of people. Are you interested in collaborating with us in this holy experiment? Let us know!

In the meantime, you can find our recording of “Sanctuary” here on our youtube channel.

By the way, have you subscribed to our youtube channel? There’s some new stuff on there!

We are so looking forward to finding new ways to make a joyful noise unto the Lord together in the midst of this pandemic (Psalm 100:1). Sending the First Church in Cambridge community some extra encouragement and support through this time apart through a song we all know so well.

May wherever you are be a sanctuary,

Lexi Boudreaux, FCC Pastoral Associate