List and Description of Funds

Unrestricted Gifts

  • Pledges & Gifts – for contributions for our church’s mission and ministry 
  • Memorial Fund — for contributions in memory of someone — please indicate the person being honored in the memo field

Directed Gifts

  • Capital Fund — restricted contribution for Capital projects, including debt retirement
  • Deacons’ Fund – for use by the deacons to help those in need
  • Flower Fund — for Christmas poinsettias, Easter lilies, or Sunday flowers — please indicate the person(s) being honored in the memo field
  • First Church Shelter Gift – for support of our shelter
  • Friday Café — for support of our weekly Friday Café
  • Frobenius Organ Fund – for restoration of our organ
  • Homeless Ministries — split between the Friday Cafe and the First Church Shelter
  • Night Song Contribution – for our Sunday evening music service
  • Refugee Resettlement – for support of our Welcome Corps ministry
  • Restricted Gift – for any other restricted contribution, such as Latin American Ministry Fund, Reparations Fund, Retreat Fund, Youth Group Fund, etc. Please include the restriction in the memo field.
  • Special Offerings– support for United Church of Christ offerings:

Other Payments

  • Building Use – for a building reservation (please use the memo field for details)
  • Other – for anything else — please use the memo field to note the purpose