path leading to a church

There Are Many Pathways To Resistance

As protests continue across the country many of us are looking for ways to participate and support this effort. If you can’t protest for any reason- if you have a chronic medical condition or need to be focusing on homeschooling and work obligations -there are many ways to contribute to the movement.

One way to contribute is to serve as a witness to the racial injustice in the United States by consuming media on that topic: movies, podcasts, books, essays, etc. One place that presents a lot of options in a concise way with direct links to those materials is this youtube video here. Personally, I’m building my summer reading and watch list right now and am including a lot of the material suggested in this video. Just Mercy is streaming FOR FREE on many platforms. I’m re-watching it on Amazon video tonight. Join me (not physically of course)?

Once you have dipped your toes into this deep and weighty spiritual work give some time and space for yourself to fill up your cup, to extend kindness to yourself. Take some time with me to reflect on kindness towards yourself and others during this season of sitting with the uncomfortable here.

Peace to you on this sunny Saturday morning, dear church.

Lexi Boudreaux, Pastoral Associate, FCC