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What does Covenant have to do with Stewardship?

This week’s blog post is offered by Joanne Paul, Chair of the Stewardship Committee.

You may be wondering why it is within the purview of the five members of the Stewardship Committee to be hosting and renewing the concept of Covenant Dinners.  What does covenant have to do with your annual pledge of “time, talent and treasure” (the three T’s)?

We feel that while they are certainly vital partners, before we begin our fall stewardship campaign in earnest, we are being very intentional in our efforts to re-connect as a community.  In our dispersal over these past many months, some of us are feeling a distance between those on livestream and those choosing a sanctuary presence.

Back to covenant.  From our website: “Covenants describe and define a committed relationship. They create a loving bond that is not easily dissolved, like a strong and fruitful marriage. A covenant is written on the heart—God’s and the people’s—not just on paper.”

For now, we are looking beyond our financial needs and benchmarks, focusing first on the bonds and blessings we already experience in community.  Later this year, we will look at our life-enriched relationship with God that can be deepened through the practice of giving.

This is where our Committee is putting our time and energy – to set the stage for connection, re-connection, building relationships, establishing bonds.  Covenanting with one another.  And so it is in backyards and dining room tables that we are regathering, in small numbers, and in the spirit of community.  Won’t you join us?

Joanne Paul
Stewardship Committee Chair