bowl with strips of paper

Where Will All the Grief Go?

is a question I have asked myself often as we continue to absorb the effects of living through a worldwide pandemic. Lately, there seems to be so much of it, so much to lament and to process. It feels like if we don’t attend to it with God’s help it will swell like a dangerous tidal wave and leave the whole world soaked to the core with its salty memory.

This past Sunday at First Church we attended to our grief and lamentation with a simple ritual of saltwater and our laments lovingly written on pieces of paper. We dropped them into the water as we prayed for healing and for God to hear us in our pain.

Below are some of our bowls on our home altars:

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I invite you to pick a bowl and send some extra prayers to that household in our community, praying with them for their laments to be heard and for their hearts to find healing, comfort, and rest in knowing that they are not alone.


Blessings for the week ahead dear church.



Lexi Boudreaux, Pastoral Associate, FCC