Stewardship & Giving

What return shall I make to the Lord for all God's gifts to me? -- Psalm 116 

First Church is precious to us, but our inner life and our mission in the world do not unfold and thrive by accident! They depend on the generosity of everyone who chooses to belong in this community. God has given us great riches of faith and hope to share with each other and the world, and a splendid heritage to pass on to our children. We respond by being good stewards of these gifts. And that means we give of ourselves. The practice of Christian stewardship leads us to employ our "time, talent and treasure" in God's service, so that we can care for and build up the church for the sake of the world God loves.


Life & Legacy Retreat - November 16, 2013

“If I had a $100,000 to give away, how would I do it?"
“How would I like to be remembered?”
“What has been important in my life?”
“Did I do everything I wanted to do?”
“What do I hope for in the future?”

Come to the Life and Legacy Retreat sponsored by the Stewardship Committee on November 16, 2013. We will be discussing a lot more than money!

Participants will have a chance to explore what it means to have a good life and a good death. A good life means finding comfort with our dreams, hopes and fears. A good death can occur with a little practical foresight. Specific workshops will be offered addressing all the paperwork involved at end of life, how to organize a memorial service or funeral, where to find good health care, and planned giving. Lunch will be provided.

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Please reduce gun violence by calling your state representative in SUPPORT of H4121, an Act relative to the reduction of gun violence. Close loopholes in Massachusetts gun laws. Want details? Google Mass Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence or speak...

Please consider signing the Jobs Not Jails perition found here.   Our Commonwealth should make funding jobs, not $2 billion more for jails. First Church joins Old South Church, the 10 Point Coalition, and Roxbury Presbyterian in collecting...

An Act Providing Housing and Support Services for Unaccompanied Homeless Youth. The Mass Conference of the UCC supports the bill. Call Alice Kidder at (617) 276-6227 for information.