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Voices and Visions

This is a place where First Church members can share their creative endeavors. Please send your ideas—poetry, short snippets of prose, photos of artwork—to Dave McCann at dmccann@fas.harvard.edu. Please be sure write "First Church" in the email subject line. We will do our best to update the site regularly with new material and to share as many of our creative gifts as possible. Please visit often.

Below is a watercolor by First Church member, David Torrey.  David painted this while on our June 2012 Men's Retreat at Gilmore Pond in New Hampshire.

And a poem by David McCann written at the same gathering.

In Swanzey, At the Table and By the Water

Caw  caw  caw
from the tree top
by the edge of Gilmore Pond.

Caw  caw  caw
the crow calls again
from the tree where a small bird
had driven him, darting at his head,
quiet, persistent,
thirty feet above the water into the trees,
then turned and flew back.

Caw  caw  caw
this one last time the large bird calls.

Small darting bird.

Our host at the breakfast table
--sausage, eggs and cut-up fruit
follow in circular, then cross-over
currents of appetite--
told of family cousins sibs, a few
uncles and aunts, some still local,
others elsewhere.

Trees leaves in the breezes
a variety of birds’ voices
quite near, a crow’s triple shout,
another far answering.

Here all I need to do is listen.

The clouds, manageable size
white on top, shadow beneath
drift slowly.

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