At First Church, music has always been an integral part of worship, starting with the tradition of psalm singing that the Puritans brought with them to New England. This led to the printing of the new metric psalm translation known as the Bay Psalm Book in 1640 right here in Cambridge, the first book printed in the British colony. For us, music continues to be one of the best forms of praise, revealing our relationship with God and each other in the practice of a universal human activity in which our community celebrates and affirms our bonds in song and story.

The First Church Choir is an all-volunteer group who sing for every Sunday service throughout the year. We rehearse on Thursday nights from September...

Singers of all ages are welcome to join the Family Choir. Adults and children together learn a simple musical piece to share with the congregation on...

Join First Church's actions for gun safety. Contact Ann McCann, Chair Witness Against Gun Violence and Inequality at
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Volunteer at First Church Shelter and/or attend the Shelter's Doris Beauvais Lecture and Lunch on October 19, 12:30 PM in Margaret Jewett Hall, First Church.
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Buses are available from Cambridge: Buy a ticket here. Several First Churchers are going. Please join them! Contact John Schultz at for info on environmental actions at First Church.