Special Music

The First Church Choir sings special choral works for the major church holidays—Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost. Often, these are accompanied by instrumentalists or orchestral players drawn from our area's rich resources of students and professional musicians. The rehearsal schedule for these works can offer an opportunity for participation for singers who may want to join the Choir part-time. Sometimes, as these works are being rehearsed, the Sunday music is learned and rehearsed on Sunday mornings only in a "pick-up" choir fashion, giving a different opportunity for occasional participation. From time to time, the First Church Choir partners with the United Parish of Brookline Chancel Choir to sing major choral works that could not be adequately sung by either group. Finally, the First Church Choir sings all through the summer as a "pick-up" choir, and singers are invited to join for any Sunday during that period.

January 29, 2012 World Premier of "Doxology Cantata" composed by Patricia Van Ness in celebration of the 375th Anniversary of First Church. Featuring the singing group Tapestry and the First Church Choir. Conducted by Peter Sykes.

To hear more audio samples of our special music, please visit our Listen (Music Clips) page.

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